Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for the Starter Kit if I already have an open account?

Of course! In case you already have an open Amazon Seller account in Europe our team will check that all the configuration of each of the platforms is correct and will inform you in case we detect that information is missing or has been configured incorrectly.

Can I purchase the Starter Kit if I already have my products published?

Yes! In the case of published products, all Starter Kit services remain the same. In this case we will propose content improvements and further optimize your listings to achieve higher rankings.

Can I purchase the Starter Kit if I have already launched marketing campaigns?

Yes! In this case we will not analyze or modify your campaigns, but our team of experts will leave you a campaign created ready to be launched when you consider it appropriate and you will also have the marketing plan that will guide you to optimize your campaigns.

What happens if my Amazon account cannot be opened?

Sometimes Amazon refuses to open an account. This usually occurs for two main reasons. The first is that you have already tried to open an account in the past. In this case you must notify us in advance so that we can open it successfully. In other cases, the documentation provided is not valid. In any case, if we are unable to open your account, we will refund 80% of what you have paid to sign up for your Starter Kit.

Is the Starter Kit for me?

The Starter Kit is aimed at manufacturers and official distributors who want to start their journey on Amazon or who have already started but are unable to achieve the expected success.
The objective is to teach you how to manage your account from account opening, brand registration, optimization of your listings to designing and launching your own marketing campaigns.
During the duration of the Starter Kit you will have us at your side through a ticket service to clarify your doubts and help you in the first steps.

What happens if I do not have the trademark registered with an official agency?

In this case we will not be able to register your trademark within Amazon. This means not being able to access Amazon Brand Registry benefits such as A+, Brand Story, Store or Sponsored Brand.

When will my products be active?

With the Starter Kit you will have your products published on Amazon and you will be the one who decides when you feel ready to activate them. It is a simple process that you will learn during the training.

When will my campaigns be active?

You will be in charge of activating them when you feel confident. Don’t worry, during the training you will learn how and when to do it.

When can I start managing my account?

During the first weeks of the Starter Kit we will manage your account from Nozama. During these weeks we will do the first steps and publications for you. As soon as all the products are published, we will send you an email to inform you that from that moment on you will manage your account. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready yet or if you haven’t completed the training. Both products and campaigns will be inactive until you are sure.

Why are there so few A+ in the Starter kit? What happens if I have more products?

A+ are detail pages that can be assigned to as many products as you want. In general, it is not necessary to have an A+ for product, especially if you work with similar products. If for example you sell a wall paint in 2 formats (1 liter and 4 liters) and each format consists of 5 colors, you can assign the same A+ for all your products. Another example: you sell make-up remover, toner and serum. You can make an A+ for all 3 products and explain what a daily facial care routine would look like, thus encouraging cross-selling of your products. You could even have the same A+ for all your products if, for example, you want to use it to talk about the manufacturing process of all your products.

Why are there so few Brand Stories in the Starter Kit? What if I have more products?

A Brand Story is an extra content to generate brand image. All products of the same brand have the same Brand Story, so if you only have one brand you only need to have one Brand Story.

Will I be able to choose on which platforms I want to have my products active?

Yes, you decide which products you want to activate in each country. Moreover, these products do not necessarily have to be the same in each country. You can decide to publish all your products in Spain, only in Spain and Germany for example, or activate them in all countries. To find out which Starter Kit meets your needs you can check here

What happens if Amazon blocks my product?

During the first weeks of the Starter Kit in which we will manage your account, in the event of product blockages we will take care of it. Once you have all the products uploaded to the requested platform/s and the account management becomes yours, you will be able to unlock the products yourself. Don’t worry, you will learn how to do it in the training.

Can I sign up for the Starter Kit to open a seller account in the USA?

At the moment this service is only available for European accounts. If you want to open an account in the United States you can write to us at and we will let you know as soon as we launch this service.

What is the recommended budget for my campaigns?

There is no general rule that works for all products, all countries, all brands… That is why our team of advertising experts will let you configure the budget that they consider to be the most optimal for your campaigns based on all the data mentioned above. You will be able to change the daily budget before activating your campaigns or at any time if you consider it appropriate.

What if I need help when the Starter Kit is finished?

Don’t worry! We have launched some extra services to help you. Keep in mind that once you finish the Starter Kit training you will be able to manage all areas of your account, but you may prefer to have professional help for certain tasks. You can see our extra services here

When will I start training?

Once we have successfully opened your account, you will have access to online training until the end of the Starter Kit. You can watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Why Nozama?

StarterKit Nozama Home Asset05

From our experience

You will count on the Nozama team for the development of your Starter Kit. Nozama is a group of Amazon experts with more than 12 years of experience managing seller and vendor accounts in Spain and several international markets. You will be able to sell in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Poland.

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Our methodology

Our methodology, structured work processes and a team of more than 250 Amazon experts make us the ideal partner for companies that want to start selling, optimize their processes and increase the profitability of their sales on Amazon.

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For our Platform

Adaaption is a platform that has been developed to implement our work methodology on Amazon. This platform is composed of more than 30 applications that automate sales processes, both in terms of product and operations. The Starter Kit uses Adaaption to speed up the process of setting up your account.

"Because we are your strategic partner".

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